The Mighty Bite: A MightyMeals and Berg Bites Collaboration

By: Christine Bean

MightyMeals and Berg Bites have teamed-up to bring their customers the ultimate high protein cookie, The Mighty Bite. With only 1 gram of natural sugar and 16 grams of plant protein, this delicious grab-and-go snack gives you a healthy energy boost and will satisfy your sweet tooth without the glucose spike. “MightyMeals has been a huge supporter of us for the past three years, and we’ve always discussed collaborating in this way, but this idea really came to fruition about 4 months ago,” says Berg Bites owner Daniel Berg. “Once we realized that we had the capability to create a sugar-free, high protein cookie, both MightyMeals’ co-owner Stefano Marzano and I knew that this would be the perfect fit for both of our markets.” 
The Mighty Bite delivers long-term energy with complex carbohydrates from heart healthy oats, essential fatty acids from nuts, chia seeds and coconut oil, and prebiotic fiber for gut health. “It’s a really cool thing that we are two local companies, both health food providers, and we found a way to piggyback on each other to easily share clients without stepping on each other’s toes,” remarked Stefano. Both Daniel and Stefano agree that creating the name “The Mighty Bite” was a “massive deal” that really showcases how the two businesses continue to support each other through this collaboration.
What’s in The Mighty Bite?!

A lot of competitor analysis went into the creation of The Mighty Bite, according to Daniel. “We checked out our competition and noticed a common theme; we would find a cookie that contained 16 grams of protein, but also contained 16 grams of added sugar. Not only is it unhealthy, it just tastes artificial.” Instead, The Mighty Bite contains 1 gram of allulose, which is a rare sugar that is found naturally in figs, raisins, maple syrup and brown sugar. 
Free from preservatives, The Mighty Bite is made with clean, raw ingredients, ensuring that you are getting the most nutrient-dense product.  Two different varieties are currently being offered, Almond Butter Banana Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate, both made with premium, all-natural, dark chocolate. Be sure to add one to your next MightyMeals order today, it just may become your new favorite pre-workout snack!