The Fight Against Cancer: Haymakers for Hope

By: Carrie Walco-Bowman

Meet Caren Plummer, a DMV area yoga instructor, fitness expert, community builder, and boxer. We recently sat down with Caren to discuss her fitness journey and how she is raising money for the fight against cancer by joining the Haymakers for Hope (H4H) mission to knock out cancer during National Cancer Awareness Month (October).   
How did you become involved with the Fight Against Cancer and Haymakers for Hope?
I’ve always been dedicated to the service of others and am very active in building communities throughout the greater Washington, D.C area. I’m also very accomplished as a yoga instructor and regularly teach classes at Equinox. I have my own business, cp:yoga. I wanted to add different fitness routines to my workout. So, in 2020, just before the COVID pandemic, I started boxing as a way to get a new workout in. I started training with Dawson Saint Jour and Antonio Crawford at HIIT Hard Boxing out of Alexandria, VA and now I’ve taken over 200 classes at Rumble DC, where I’ve also taught classes. I’ve participated in a few boxing-related philanthropic efforts to raise money. Through this journey I became inspired by and connected with the women I’ve met because boxing gets associated with male energy a lot. These women have become my aspirations as well. The boxing community has become like a second family to me. Through these amazing relationships, Haymakers for Hope reached out to me to be a part of their fight against cancer.   
Will this be your first boxing fight?
Yes. And, the fight will be on October 13, 2022, my birthday. I’m becoming comfortable in this new, uncomfortable thing and glad to be a part of trying to prevent and cure cancer. I’ve experienced loved ones with cancer and have lost some as well. Cancer doesn’t discriminate at all and touches many individuals.
Do you think anyone will get knocked out?
It’s possible someone could get knocked out, which excites and intimidates me. The media day match up was a few weeks ago and I got to see what it would be like to fight. My fight, against Ciara Keefe, has been designated the fight of the night! It’s a real boxing match, with sponsors. Women will be wearing 16 oz. gloves and the men will wear 10 oz. gloves.
Where will the proceeds go to help cure cancer?
H4H allows the sponsored boxers to donate to the specific organizations that they choose. I’ve known people affected by so many different cancer varieties. So, I’ve decided to donate the money I’m raising directly to H4H so they can file donations directly. They send their donations directly to cancer research grants and special cancer initiatives. 
How can people support your fight against cancer and Haymakers for Hope’s efforts?
Anyone can donate by purchasing tickets through my Haymakers for Hope donation page. They will be sold until the event, called the Beltway Brawl III, at 7:30 PM EST on October 13, 2022. It will be held at The Anthem in Washington, D.C. Please, come and watch if you can! You do not need to attend to make a ticket donation. 
How did you learn about MightyMeals?
I was exposed to MightyMeals when I was on a panel at an event. They discussed how one of their missions it to get healthy food to underserved communities and donate freshly prepared meals. The fact that there are options to enable you to provide healthy eating to the local community is a REALLY big deal to me. I want to align myself with companies that are thinking about their community. The MightyMeals mission is great.
What do you love about MightyMeals?
I love the simplicity and the variety of MightyMeals. If you look at a lot of other meal prep services, you get the same mundane options, and you’re not seeing a lot of variety. Of course, the flavor and deliciousness of MightyMeals is great also. The website is also unbelievable and wonderful!
The fact is that right now I need to be very specific about what I’m eating to get the most nutritional value for my training. It’s not an easy task for someone like me, who loves dessert, and snacks. When you are at the level of training, I’m at right now, your relationship with food changes. I have to eat much more because I’m working out 2-3 times a day – not only once a day – 7 days a week.  MightyMeals allows me to eat how I need to eat and continue to train the way I need to train for the Haymakers for Hope boxing event. It’s a great way to get the appropriate nutrients I need and it’s hyper convenient. I’m also enjoying how delicious it is too!
What is your favorite MightyMeal?
I’m always trying to eat more plant based, or vegan style, and want to be more conscious about limiting meat in my diet. I would say the Butter Tofu is my favorite MightyMeal right now.

Learn more about Caren, her fight against cancer, and join one of her fitness classes by connecting with her on her website and on her Instagram profiles: Caren Plummer and cp:yoga.