The Benefits of Healthy Meal Planning

By: Carrie Walco-Bowman

You know that at some point today, you are going to eat, right? However, without meal planning, you don’t always know if you are going to eat the right foods or when you may be confronted with unhealthy meal choices. This is why healthy meal planning is so important. It not only saves time, money and reduces waste–healthy meal planning also helps us maintain and improve our health by providing numerous benefits.  

Consume More Nutrients
One of the top reasons to plan your meals and snacks is to increase your nutrient consumption. When you select nutrient-dense foods (like vegetables, whole grains, beans, and lean proteins) instead of empty, non-nutritious foods (chips, candy, and processed foods) you automatically increase the amount of healthy protein, vitamins, minerals, water, and good fats that your body and mind thrive upon. In response, they provide us with increased energy, immunity, focus, and overall well-being.  

Healthy Trail Mix

Avoid Unhealthy Foods & Snacks
You are constantly surrounded by processed foods, snack machines, and fast-food chains–and it can be tough to avoid them. This is where meal planning comes to the rescue! Instead of grabbing a candy bar on the go, you can grab the healthy snack you packed–like a plant-based and protein-packed Mighty Bite, Berg Bites or Healthy Trail Mix snack. Instead of running through that drive-thru once again, you can grab one of the pre-made healthy sandwich wraps you planned and packed.  
Control Portion Sizes 
If you aren’t a registered dietician or health coach, it can be hard and confusing to know just how much to eat. Sure, you can use your hand, palm, thumb, or fist to measure foods but, that is only an estimate, and each person’s nutritional needs are going to be different. However, when you plan your meals, you control the portion sizes and foods so that you know exactly how much you are supposed to consume. You can do this by measuring out your own meals and snacks. Or you can call in the experts, like MightyMeals. Every one of our chef-prepared, made-to-order meals and snacks is perfectly proportioned with nutrition facts labels so you can eliminate the portion-size guesswork and save time.  

Weight Management
Managing your weight–whether your goal is weight loss, weight/muscle gain, or maintenance–can be almost impossible without healthy meal planning. When you know what you are eating, how much, the nutrients they contain, and the benefits you get from them, you are better equipped to manage your weight. Otherwise, you may be consuming foods that are taking you in the opposite direction of your goals.  

Reach Health Goals Faster
Successfully reaching ANY goal almost always requires a plan. Without one, you may never reach your goal, or it will most likely take you longer. This includes your nutrition and health goals. Creating a healthy meal plan on a regular basis will help you stay on the right path to reach your goals faster, whatever they may be: fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, or just overall improved health and well-being.  
Whether you are creating your healthy meals and snacks at home or in need of quick, fresh, no-prep, nutritious meals that fit into a healthy meal plan, MightyMeals is here for you. From recipes and nutrition advice on our blog, to à la carte ingredients, to meals for special diets, to simply delicious and healthy meals, we are here to help you create the meal plan that works best for you.  

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