Team MightyFIT Spotlight: Frank Turner

By: Christine Bean

Meet Frank Turner, one of our Team MightyFIT Ambassadors, professional bodybuilder, and owner of TreauFitness. Learn about how he has turned his passion for health and fitness education into a thriving personal training business.  
How did TreauFitness get its start?
Frank: Well, I’ve been doing personal training for 22 years. I woke up one day and felt that I was ready to take on my own business, so I opened TreauFitness, a personal training fitness studio, at Tysons Playground five years ago. I’ve been in the industry for a long time, and I knew that it was time for me to help people become more self-aware with their health, their mentality, and the way they operate.  I’m an educator at heart, so I love educating people on the do’s and don’ts of being healthy. There are no quick fixes, because in the long run, that’s not beneficial. My foundation is nutrition and hard work, and my passion for bodybuilding came later. I’ve been competing for five years, and we are one of the winningest teams in the DC area. I run workshops with other coaches to help bodybuilders prep for competition; we do posing seminars, training and nutrition workshops, etc.
How did COVID affect your business?
Frank: I was able to pivot and make it work during COVID.  Luckily, I already had online clients, and I was easily able to have additional clients switch to an online format.  Second, I provide so much information and education for people already, so I was able to do most of that virtually.  I hosted virtual workouts, and I was posting phases of workouts on my Instagram to keep people engaged.
How did you get connected with MightyMeals?
Frank: I’ve been with MightyMeals from the beginning, and I have been a huge supporter and promoter since the launch. As an athlete and professional bodybuilder, the bulk items really saved me when it came to meal prep and portion control. Now, it’s always what I recommend to my training clients in order to keep them on track. 
What’s your best nutrition advice?
Frank: I would say my advice would be to make sure that you wake up and follow a balanced regimen daily, without deviations.  
What’s your favorite MightyMeals dish?
Frank: I love the Steak Fajita Bowl and the BBQ Roasted Chicken. 


About Frank
Frank Turner has always been an athlete. He excelled in football from a young age through college but life experience led him to pursue an alternate path. When he was just 18 years old, his mentor, DeAnn, saw something in him and hired him to work in her gym, American Family Fitness. Frank worked his way up through the ranks from Court Monitor to Personal Training Manager. That opportunity opened the door for him to solidify his skill set, from becoming a celebrity trainer at Equinox Lower Manhattan to managing the Personal Training Departments for Xsport Fitness all over Northern Virginia. Frank coaches Bikini, Figure, Women’s and Men’s Physique as well as Classic Physique and Bodybuilding. His prep coaching helped one of his athletes to become an OCB Pro (Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders), and a couple other clients placed top 5 on the national level! Last July, after competing for just 4 years, Frank realized his own dream of becoming an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Pro in the Men’s Physique category.
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