Stay On Track This Thanksgiving with This Quick Full Body HIIT Workout

By: Tiffany Forte

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, many people may begin feeling anxious about the potential of falling off-track when it comes to exercise and nutrition.  But just because it’s the biggest eating holiday of the year doesn’t mean it has to ruin all of your goals. MightyMeals’ newest Nutrition Consultant, Tiffany Forte, designed a quick and effective HIIT workout routine that is sure to keep you active and in-shape during the holiday craziness. 
The holidays can present stressful times. The cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, it all can be very time consuming. So much so, that you neglect your workouts! NO FEAR Sis! I got you. Give this quick HIIT workout a try before you slide that turkey in the oven….or the day after to get in some extra calorie burn!
These moves are a great way to target all areas in less time, recruiting multiple muscle groups, especially your arms, glutes, and core muscles. 
At least one medium dumbbell, approximately 10-15 pounds. As an option, you may want to have lighter weights if the recommended weight is too heavy.
Perform the exercises for a total of 12 reps and three to four rounds, resting for 30 seconds between each exercise. Rest a full minute before moving to the next round, then repeat.
Exercise One: Dumbbell Wide Leg Squat to High Plank
Start with your legs a little wider than shoulder length, holding dumbbells in each hand (A). Place the dumbbells on the ground and lower your hips at the same time *make sure you don’t round your spine (B).  Hop or walk your legs back into a plank position (C). Hop or walk your legs back into position (B) and stand straight up while squeezing your glutes (D).Exercise Two: Dumbbell Bicep Curl
Start standing upright with your core engaged and grip the dumbbells with your palms facing out (A). Curl the dumbbells upwards while bending at the elbow, make sure you go all the way up and then back down hitting your full range of motion (B).Exercise Three: Lower Body Up and Overs
Start on all fours and extend one leg out behind you. While in the plank position make sure your palms are stacked right underneath your shoulders (A). Take your leg and bring it across your body over the opposite leg (B). Then bring that same leg over to the opposite side (C). *I used a dumbbell to make sure I brought my leg up high enough to work the glute and provide an extra challenge. Do all reps on one leg, and then repeat on the other side.
Exercise Four: Dumbbell Plank Low Row
Start in a high plank position *make sure your wrists are stacked under your shoulders for support / if placing your hands on the dumbbell is too much pressure on your wrists, place hands flat on the ground (A). Pull your elbow back to perform a row (B). Lower the weight back to the floor. Do all reps with one arm, and then repeat on the other side.Exercise Five: Static Over-Head Shoulder Press to Walking Lunge
Start by raising both weights over head (A). Then take a step forward into a lunge *make sure your knee is inline with your ankle and not hovering over your toe, push off with your front heel to rise (B).
About Tiffany
Tiffany Forte is a personal trainer and founder of Fit and Female Fitness Program, LLC, The Fit and Female Expo, and Fit and Female Activewear. She created the Fit and Female brand to motivate black women, women of color, and any woman who doesn’t feel like she fits the stereotypical idea of what “fit” is to get active. The brand is about so much more than just getting fit; it’s an uprising of women of color who are committed to working to achieve their goals and striving to achieve the body and confidence they want – not what society pushes on them.
An Arkansan girl at heart, Tiffany has traveled the country as an entrepreneur to learn how to start and grow a business, attract her ideal clientele, and build a healthy fitness brand. Her work in the fitness industry has afforded her the opportunity to work with brands like Athleta, Nike, and ASICS and she has been featured in publications such as The Washington Post, byGeorge, Voyage ATL, and Hello Beautiful to name a few.
 Reach out today to schedule your consultation with Tiffany and get your personalized meal plan recommendations.