Spotlight on MightyMeals’ Partner, SIMPLi

By: Christine Bean


MightyMeals is excited to announce our partnership with SIMPLi, a company that sources authentic, delicious, high quality ingredients directly from farmers while combating climate change and improving the livelihoods of farming communities. MightyMeals uses a variety of SIMPLi ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil, sourced from Sparta, Greece, and quinoa, sourced from the Andes in Peru, in our fresh and nutritious meals.

SIMPLi focuses on “better for you, better for the farmer, better for the planet” products, allowing them to offer premium, flavorful ingredients to their customers. They serve both home cooks through SIMPLi retail products, and chefs through  SIMPLi ingredients, across five different categories: grains, legumes, superfoods, spices, and oils. This means customers can enjoy SIMPLi ingredients on their favorite restaurant menus, but also on their local grocery store shelf, or delivered fresh in their favorite meals. Unlike traditional ingredient companies, SIMPLi owns its supply chains, working directly with growers to ensure each product meets the strictest quality standards.



Launched in 2020, right around the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, SIMPLi had to quickly pivot from their original focus on the food service industry and innovate with their products to explore new business channels like retail and Ecommerce. SIMPLi was founded by partners Sarela Herrada and Matt Cohen. Sarela was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and comes from a strong background in food and agriculture. Matt is from Annapolis, MD, and has been a passionate entrepreneur since his early years. Both love to immerse themselves in different cultures, travel, and try every food they can get their hands on—at least once!  From the beginning, they shared a common goal of working directly with farmers in communities around the world to drive social impact, environmental impact, and bring delicious, nutrient rich ingredients to consumers in the United States.

SIMPLi is proud to provide their nutrient dense ingredients to supplement MightyMeals nutrient dense meals, and to be a trusted partner for ingredients that are impossible to source locally.  

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