Sous Vide: How MightyMeals Cooks Food Perfectly with More Flavor, Nutrients, Quality, & Taste

By: Christine Bean

Just when you thought meal prep couldn’t get any more delicious, MightyMeals is now cooking our chicken breast and steak sous vide! Learn more about how this revolutionary cooking technique delivers ultimate flavor and unparalleled tenderness to our meats.
What is Sous Vide?
Sous vide is a French cooking method that literally translates to “under-vacuum.”  This innovative technique involves food being vacuum-sealed and slow-cooked in water at an even temperature until it is perfectly cooked. “We switched our cooking method to sous vide because we are always looking to better the product that we are delivering to our clients,” remarked MightyMeals’ Executive Chef, Stefano Marzano. “Sous vide ensures three major pillars we aim to achieve; quality, consistency and taste.” MightyMeals uses a high-quality, reduced-oxygen, vacuum-sealed sous vide process that ensures our meat is cooked in a precisely-heated water bath to produce melt-in-your-mouth dishes!  
The Benefits of Sous Vide
Just like MightyMeals takes the guesswork out of meal prep, sous vide takes the guesswork out of cooking. Food that has been cooked sous vide is protected from over or under cooking, so it tastes perfect every time. Sous vide meats have the ideal consistency; naturally fork-tender and juicy. Because nothing can escape the vacuum-sealed pouch during the cooking process, the flavors are perfectly distributed and amplified for ultimate deliciousness! Sous vide cooking also improves the shelf-life of food. Because the oxidation of food is blocked or slowed-down inside the vacuum-sealed pouch, this means that bacteria cannot contaminate the food again after cooking. The sous vide method seals in all of the nutrients, making it an exceptionally healthy method of cooking, too.
We are excited to offer our customers sous vide chicken in all of our chicken breast meals and bulk chicken offerings and sous vide steak in our wide array of steak dishes. Some of our salmon items are also being cooked with this amazing sous vide cooking process! When you order from MightyMeals, you can guarantee that your chicken, steak, or salmon will be cooked to juicy perfection every time!