Partner Spotlight: MooseFit

By: Christine Bean

This week, we caught up with Matthew Moosavian, Co-Founder of MooseFit and Recover, 6 time CrossFit Sanctioned Event Qualifier and the 2020 Fittest Male in DC, to learn about MooseFit’s holistic approach to health and wellness, and why MightyMeals’ menu fits seamlessly into their clients’ nutritional plans. 
How did MooseFit get its start?
Matt: The name comes from a nickname I’ve had my entire life, “Moose.” My Dad was “Moose,” even my sister is “Moose.” As JD and I started to become better friends, I found out that he also had the nickname “Moose”. We wanted to start something immediately; we had thought-up a bunch of different ideas and have grand visions, but we knew for sure that the basis of MooseFit would be holistic wellness. Our goal was to create a holistic approach to wellness, fitness, and nutrition. As athletes, we also have an interest in recovery and as a result we have a second company under MooseFit called Recover, where we carry CBD oil products, cream, oil and powdered isolate. 
What makes MooseFit unique?
Matt: There are so many other brands and companies out there that are focusing on just one variable in the wellness equation. To effectively improve wellness you need to spend equal time focusing on all variables of the wellness equation. We are confident in the fact that MooseFit covers all variables of the holistic wellness equation; programming and coaching (exercise), routine, meditative wellness reflection, and nutrition. We marry all aspects of wellness together to offer our clients a fully inclusive and comprehensive approach to wellness. 
What connected you to MightyMeals?
Matt: I have been a customer of MightyMeals since the beginning. As an athlete, I truly rely on MightyMeals for my meal prep, knowing that I am eating healthy and sticking to my macrosis vitally important to my success as an athlete. I really enjoy the meals, and rarely miss my weekly order! It was great being able to reconnect with MightyMeals co-founder, Dan Graziano, at a LDR Leadership Conference recently. 
How does MightyMeals benefit your customers?
Matt: MightyMeals plays very well into the approach that we are taking with holistic wellness. You can’t really have an entire wellness picture without a strong nutrition background. We are now able to offer our clients one of the best meal prep delivery services in the DMV, and through MightyMeals they don’t have to spend time meal prepping and are never stuck without a meal or forced to eat an unhealthy takeout/delivery meal. MightyMeals menu is something that the MooseFit co-owners and I have talked a lot about. One of the aspects that is stressed a lot, particularly with the clients that we have, is the timing of when you eat and what you eat. Many of our high-level athletes are on a branded, MooseFit meal plan that could sit inside MightyMeals. We always recommend MightyMeals to our clients who need to save time when it comes to meal prepping.
What is your favorite MightyMeals dish?
Matt: I really love the Shredded Buffalo Chicken, it’s always been one of my favorites. 
About MooseFit:
MooseFit is a health and wellness company focused on helping individuals reach their full potential. Combining best practices from both holistic wellness and competitive fitness, MooseFit delivers a comprehensive playbook for individuals from all backgrounds and capabilities to become the healthiest and most capable versions of themselves. MooseFit was inspired by two former U.S. Special Operations Commanders turned entrepreneurs, and a former Division I Athlete turned competitive CrossFit athlete.
Connect with  MooseFit:
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MooseFit Discount for MightyMeals Customers: MightyMeals customers will receive a free month of programming with the purchase of a 4 month package (4 months for the price of 3! Contact MooseFit at: