Partner Spotlight: GJ Farmacy

By: Christine Bean

We recently caught up with Gym Jonez, owner of GJ Farmacy, to learn about how his ability to transform lives through health and fitness has led him to the world of Eastern medicine, and how his top-quality herbs can heal a variety of ailments the natural and holistic way.
What is GJ Farmacy all about?
Gym: I’ve been in the fitness industry for 15 years, and have always operated on the basis that a healthy diet and active lifestyle can change individuals’ lives mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Once I saw my family members getting diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, and all kinds of other health problems, I knew there had to be a better way for people to heal without medicine and the horrible side effects that go along with so many of them.  I went to Dubai for a month and studied herbs and the world of Eastern medicine, learning about which herbs cure specific ailments, etc. In the Middle East, they aren’t into modern medicine whatsoever and truly rely on herbs to heal your body more naturally.  After seeing all of this, I knew I needed to find a pipeline to get these back to the U.S, so I linked up with an herbalist down there. I honed in on the herbs that would treat the top diseases, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. America suffers from a lot of different lifestyle diseases, like obesity, that medicine really cannot cure, and the herbal lifestyle could be a true cure by healing from within. Our brand standard is that we sell our customers only the herb in its purest form for maximum healing and life enhancement, we don’t believe in pills or pressed oils with additives. 
What have been your top-selling products so far?
Gym: Menthol Crystals and the Natural Slimming Tea are our top sellers at the moment. If you’re fighting pollen and seasonal allergies, our Menthol Crystals are the answer to your clearing-up sinus problems! Our herbal slimming tea stimulates digestion, aids metabolism, and helps to detoxify the body. The herbs offered at GJ Farmacy are proven to help with weight loss, diabetes, sinus congestion, stomach ailments and more. 
What connected you to MightyMeals?
I’ve known and worked with Chase McKesey for years, and he’s the one who initially introduced me to MightyMeals. I was working with another meal prep company at the time, and I was hesitant, but once I tried the meals I immediately canceled my other contract! MightyMeals was just too good, seriously restaurant quality food! There’s no comparison.

What is your favorite MightyMeal dish?
I don’t eat meat but I do eat lots of fish, so the Hoisin Glazed Salmon is a favorite of mine.
About Gym Jonez
Gym Jonez has over 15 years of health and fitness experience. He has helped over 1,000 clients achieve their weight loss goals and fall in love with living a healthy lifestyle. His experience ranges from serving seven years as a Senior Fitness Specialist for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps to being a top performer at health clubs throughout Washington, D.C. Most recently, he launched Rock the Block, a grassroots fitness movement in the nation’s capital, that has earned him over 50 national and local television appearances, as well as impressive social media traction.
Gym’s positive vision and dedication to changing lives and his community through fitness are respected by followers and media around the country.  He has been featured by local and national, print, radio, and television outlets.Follow GJ Farmacy on Instagram for updates!