Partner Spotlight: Burn Boot Camp

By: Christine Bean

We recently caught up with Katie Meyers, franchise owner of Burn Boot Camp, to hear about their brand new facility in Woodbridge, VA, and how they plan to use MightyMeals to fuel their athletes and help them crush their goals. 
How did Burn Boot Camp get its start?
Katie: Burn Boot Camp is a franchise with 266 locations around the nation. The owners are a husband and wife team, Devan and Morgan Kline. Devan was a professional baseball player, and during training camp, he saw a lot of the sponsor mothers taking care of their families and putting themselves last. This inspired him to hold workout sessions for the moms, and it became a huge success.  After being let-go from the team, he decided that his next step would be to open a fitness facility just for moms. So, in 2011 he started Burn Boot Camp in a parking lot in Charlotte, NC with rusty dumbbells and only $600 to his name.  What started out as moms-only turned into women-only, and now we are co-ed and our clientele is families. We focus on empowering women, but we have really evolved and realize it takes a whole family, it takes a village.  Personally, I have been a member of Burn Boot Camp in Wake Forest, NC for a couple of years, and I knew 6 months in that I wanted to be a larger part of this community somehow. Woodbridge was the closest available territory, so I jumped on it. It has been amazing to step back and see the diverse population, all shapes, sizes, levels, join together in a safe and empowering environment.  Everyone has a common goal, pushing to be a better version of themselves and leaving the gym feeling like you can take on the world.  
What makes Burn Boot Camp unique?
Katie: We offer 45 minute camps that are a mix of strength and High Intensity Interval Training, taught by certified personal trainers in a group setting. Membership includes complimentary child watch, 15 minute personal meetings with your trainer to go over meal planning and any questions you may have, and the support of the community. Something that I really love is that everyday is a different workout; you will never do the same workout twice.  We also have our own Burn Nutrition protein powder, and we are releasing our own vegan protein and pre-workout as well.  We have 8 camps throughout the day, however during Covid we have decreased our capacity so time slots must be reserved. 
How did you get connected with Mighty Meals?
Katie: I found MightyMeals co-owner, Dan Graziano, via Instagram, and from there I went on the MightyMeals website because I was intrigued! After speaking with Dan, and reading about the meals, I could tell that the quality of the food was great and this was something that I definitely wanted to offer our clients.  The a la carte offerings are really what sold me when i thought about macros and portion control, and, being a mom myself, I personally love the new MightyKids meals!
How do you think MightyMeals will benefit your members?
Katie: I know that MightyMeals will help our members reach their fitness goals, help them stay on track with nutrition, and will add a factor of convenience by having meals already prepared for themselves and their families. It will also help our trainers as they hold these focus meetings with clients, as they can be confident in knowing that they are recommending meals packed with good, whole foods.  We feel extremely excited to have the opportunity to share this with our members, knowing that our athletes will be able to fuel themselves with proper nutrition which is exactly what MightyMeals is.

Shredded Buffalo Chicken

What’s your favorite MightyMeal?
Katie: Well, I root for the Buffalo Bills, because I married into it, so I would have to say the Shredded Buffalo Chicken. It’s just SO good! 
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About Katie Meyers
Katie and her husband Jordan are the Franchise Partners at Burn Boot Camp Woodbridge. They live in Raleigh, NC with their daughters, Natalie (7), Caroline (3 1/2) and their rescue pup, Tucker (9). Both work in the medical field: Katie is a Registered Nurse and Jordan is a Podiatric Surgeon. Katie joined a local Burn Boot Camp 2 years ago and after her first camp, she was hooked! Then six months later, she expressed interest in opening up her own Burn Boot Camp because of the positive impact she had seen it make not only on her life, but every Burn member’s life. 
Burn Boot Camp offers unlimited 45-minute HIIT camps led by certified personal trainers, and everyday is a different workout. You will never do the same workout twice and they are always challenging mentally and physically. At Burn Boot Camp, we pride ourselves on making every member experience positive. Our team plus the other members are constantly encouraging and supporting each other to be the best version of themselves. With a Burn Boot Camp membership, members have access to our complimentary child watch, 1:1 Focus Meetings with their personal trainers and global membership.