Partner Spotlight: Berg Bites

By: Christine Bean

We recently caught-up with Daniel Berg, owner of Berg Bites, to hear about how this young, ambitious entrepreneur is fulfilling his childhood dream of making healthy snacks available for everyone, including MightyMeals customers. 
How did Berg Bites get its start?

Daniel: I’ve always been extremely passionate about health, wellness, and nutrition since about 5th grade. As a kid, I was very aware that I was eating crappy, sugary cereals, and it really bothered me!  Once I started high school, I started making these “health balls” in my kitchen at home. We would serve them to guests as a healthy dessert, and everyone loved them. Some people would even make to-go bags, which was really the best compliment. This was super exciting for me, and I knew that I would eventually want to package-up these bites to sell. My family thought I was crazy! But I had a vision; I wanted to make a positive impact on the food and beverage industry and wanted to change the way that people eat.  After high school, I came to D.C. to attend George Washington University and studied health, wellness, and organizational sciences. My mom would ship boxes of the energy bites to our dorm room, and they were a huge hit with my friends and roommates. We basically lived off of them! We weren’t really able to cook in our dorm, so these filled us up and satisfied our cravings for something sweet. Everyone agreed that I should just go-for-it and start making Berg Bites available to the general public. I discovered Union Kitchen in 2016 and started producing them there while I was a junior in college, baking at night and on the weekends. 
How is Berg Bites doing now?
Daniel: We are doing amazingly well; we are now rolling out 20,000+ units per month. We are still in Union Kitchen, but looking to move-out. We used to hand-roll each bite individually, but we have pretty strong machinery now. We are available on Amazon, some local Whole Foods stores, and have distribution in NYC, Chicago, and the D.C. area. 

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?
Daniel: As always, we were trying to find better suppliers for our ingredients, and we had a meeting with U.S. Foods. The sales rep saw that I was a young, fit guy, passionate about my small business and wanting to improve the way people eat. He said, “You really need to meet my friends over at MightyMeals!”  I shipped them samples, and MightyMeals co-owner Stefano Marzano contacted me to say that he loved the product. We got along right off the bat, and now we are great friends. I am super grateful for their support; for believing in me and trusting the product. We sell four different flavors of Berg Bites on the MightyMeals website, so be sure to add a few to your next order! 

Salmon Zoodle Puttanesca

What is your favorite MightyMeal?
Daniel: I’m a big fan of the Salmon Zoodle Puttanesca!  
About Daniel Berg
Daniel Berg is a health & wellness entrepreneur and Certified Personal Trainer, dedicated to clean, healthful foods that are fun, interesting, and nourishing to mind, body, and spirit. He has been innovating and seeing the goodness since age 10.  For satisfying your sweet tooth and for a handy, nutrient-dense snack, Berg Bites deliver long term energy with complex carbohydrates from heart healthy oats, essential fatty acids from nuts, chia seeds and coconut oil, and prebiotic fiber for gut health.
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