Partner Spotlight: Ballston CrossFit

This week, we caught up with Tucker Jones, owner of Ballston CrossFit, to learn more about what sets them apart, and how MightyMeals makes mealtime quick and simple for their athletes!
How did Ballston CrossFit get its start?
Tucker: We opened Ballston CrossFit in February 2012.  I had fallen in love with CrossFit and really wanted to take an entrepreneurial jump to open my own business and break away from my career in corporate America. I have always strived to live a healthy and fun-filled life; (pura vida!) living life to the fullest every day. It made me feel extremely excited to be able to share a healthy lifestyle with others while doing a job that I love.
What makes Ballston CrossFit unique?
Tucker: One thing that really differentiates us is the coaching team’s constant pursuit of excellence, and the overall quality of the coaching staff. We have 14 coaches on staff who have a CrossFit Level 2 certification, in addition to many others. Another thing that is unique about us, is that we have two hashtags that we frequently use on social media. We have ten couples getting married soon that met at our gym, so our most popular hashtag is #BCFLoveMachine.  After that became a huge success, our members came up with #BCFFriendshipMachine, because it is truly a place where people have had their community of friends widened, and bonds strengthened, thanks to our gym. Another cool thing that we do is a free, monthly workout called “Faith and Fitness Arlington.” This is an opportunity for the local community to participate in a free, fun, and challenging workout followed by a faith discussion and a delicious meal at a local restaurant. Our most recent meet-up had 55 participants and is continuing to grow. Another thing that sets us apart is that we have received five awards over the past few years for being one of the top gyms in the DMV, and we have won the “Best of NOVA” award each year since 2017.  I strive to run the best CrossFit gym in the D.C. area, but could not do it without the support of my incredible management and coaching team, as well as our awesome community of members. 

What connected you to MightyMeals?
Tucker: MightyMeals reached out to us, and while we already had another meal delivery service at the gym, we decided that it would be great to give our members more variety and the ability to choose between two different menus. MightyMeals has done an awesome job of expanding their menu over time. Our members love the food and the ease being able to place their orders and pick-up their healthy, prepared meals when they leave the gym. 
How does MightyMeals benefit your members?
Tucker: The biggest benefit is convenience.  Everyone in D.C. has pretty hard-charging jobs with limited free-time to meal prep, so our members definitely love the convenience of being able to quickly pick up their meals and know that what they’re eating will help them to reach their fitness goals. Some of my members are really focused on the macros, and love the ability to build their own meals using the bulk food items. 
What is your favorite MightyMeals dish?
Tucker: My favorite meal is definitely the Caribbean Jerk Salmon. I’m also a big fan of the classic Steak and Basics! For breakfast, my go-to is always the Western Omelet.   
About Tucker Jones: 
As the owner and head coach at Ballston CrossFit and CrossFit Route 7, Tucker is truly living his dream of owning businesses that he is passionate about! In February 2012, Tucker opened Ballston CrossFit, and they now have around 350 members. When he got the opportunity to open CrossFit Route 7 in January of 2015, he was extremely excited to be able to share a healthy lifestyle with even more people. 
As a competitive national-level tennis player, including a member of James Madison University’s (JMU) Division 1 Varsity Tennis, Tucker learned how to train hard and get results. After graduating from JMU, he continued to pursue athletic achievements and adventure sports (one of his favorite races was the XTERRA National Championships in Lake Tahoe, NV against some of the country’s top off-road triathletes). In late 2009, Tucker found CrossFit and it totally transformed his approach to fitness, in an incredibly positive way! Now in his 40’s, the incredible results from CrossFit continue to allow Tucker to improve his overall fitness. 
When he’s not at Ballston CrossFit or CrossFit Route 7, you can find Tucker mountain biking, playing floor hockey, boosting air on the kiteboard or wakeboard, hanging out with friends, or backpacking around the world. Be sure to ask him about great places to go on your next international adventure!

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