Partner Spotlight: Ashburn Crossfit

By: Christine Bean

We recently sat down with Lee Bunyea, Owner of Ashburn CrossFit, to hear about what makes their coaching staff excel, and how MightyMeals has given their clients the opportunity to save time and keep their nutrition in check.
How did Ashburn CrossFit get its start?
Lee: I found CrossFit around 10 years ago, when I was seriously overweight, north of 300 pounds. I was suffering from depression and going through a tough time, when a friend convinced me to come workout with him. He said he was doing something called CrossFit, and after the first workout I was instantly hooked! This was the start of a daily ritual which resulted in a significant amount of weight loss, and a passion for healthy living. I decided then that CrossFit was something that I wanted to share with others, so I got my Level 1 CrossFit certification and was later inspired to open Ashburn Crossfit in January of 2015. 
What makes Ashburn Crossfit unique?
Lee: Definitely our overall culture and customer experience. We make sure that our programs and classes are accessible to everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out in 20 years, or if you’re a collegiate athlete, our coaching staff is well trained in tailoring any workout to any level so that everyone will achieve the results they’re looking for. Our staff and trainers are all certified, experienced, and continuously developing and growing. We also focus on safety, through proper movement, before adding intensity. Our goal is to help people be functionally fit and healthy well into their 90’s!
What connected you to MightyMeals?
Lee: MightyMeals reached out to me a while back, and I thought it would be a really great opportunity to give our clients the chance to save time by avoiding meal prep, but still eating healthy. I also really like that you don’t have to “subscribe,” you can order a la carte. It makes perfect sense for us to have this in our gym, and it’s been a huge success.  
How does MightyMeals benefit your members?
Lee: The majority of our members are married with kids and working full-time. So, from a convenience standpoint, it saves them the time it takes to prepare or meal prep. Also, they know they are putting high-quality food into their bodies, and they are not going to make a poor food choice due to time constraints.  

Bulk Flank Steak

What is your favorite MightyMeals dish?
Lee: Bulk Flank Steak! I use it in so many ways. Those bulk items are game-changers.
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