A Dietitian’s Meal Prep Method of Choice

Author: Olivia Brant, RD

Hi MightyMeals family! I’m Olivia! I am a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and a trained Registered Dietitian. As a dog mom, Barre3 enthusiast, and self-proclaimed peanut butter addict, my philosophy on nutrition is centered on natural, nutrient dense foods. I teach my clients to focus on what they can add in and have MORE of versus what is off limits. Through increasing fiber, protein, and healthy fats, I can help you achieve better energy levels, higher metabolism, and sustainable body composition changes.
Let’s be honest, it’s tough being a registered dietitian who despises meal prep. You’re supposed to practice what you preach, right? I enjoy cooking, but I have an insanely busy work schedule and I’m not a fan of eating the same thing twice, so traditional meal prep has never appealed to me. I’ve always secretly hoped to someday discover a meal prep alternative, and when clients began coming to me saying the same thing, I vowed to find a solution.
After trying out several meal prep and delivery services in the DMV, I fell in love with MightyMeals. Nothing else quite compared to the quality, convenience, and consistency, and now I rarely miss my weekly order. I honestly love it so much that I have integrated MightyMeals into my clients’ meal plans. I’m a huge fan of the bulk items, and the pre-portioned entrees take meal prep time from 45 minutes to 2 minutes… you can’t beat that! It’s changed my life, and made my clients’ lives so much easier.
Using Food as Fuel
For years, I’ve seen clients struggle to lose body fat. They’d be exercising every day, but the pounds still didn’t come off because of their choices in the kitchen. One goal I have for my clients is to teach them to use food as fuel in every aspect of their lives. Nothing beats the feeling of having more confidence to stand-up and speak at a board meeting, or having enough energy to chase after your toddler, all because you changed your relationship with food.
Having a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, and a Master’s degree in Exercise Science has truly helped me to understand why good nutrition is critical for high levels of physical & mental energy and sustainable body composition changes.  Making a lifestyle change is more effective than any diet out there, and healthy food should – and can be – delicious and easy, especially with MightyMeals!

Connect with Me!
Check out Brant Sports Nutrition for details on how to join my one-on-one nutrition coaching program, or e-mail me, Olivia, at obrant@brantsportsnutrition.com! You can also connect with me on social media on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Olivia’s Favorite MightyMeals Dish: Salmon Zoodle Puttanesca, Steak & Basics, and Turkey Bolognese Spaghetti Squash!