MightyMeals Launches New Delivery TimeFrame / Live Update SMS Notification System

You Can Now Track Your MightyMeals from Our Kitchen to Your Door in Real Time 

This week we are launching a new Text Message Notification System that will allow you to track your MightyMeals order in real time.
On the morning of your delivery you will receive a text message between 7am and 8am letting you know a specific delivery window. You will then receive a second text message when your driver is 10 minutes away. You will be able to track your MightyMeals order in real time en route fresh from our kitchen to your door! 
It is important that you provide a valid cell phone number when you place your order. Please also note that you will no longer be able to contact your driver directly, however, if you have any special delivery instructions (for example: please don’t ring the doorbell, please leave meals in cooler, etc) you can put them in the notes section when you place your order. 
While you will not be able to request specific delivery time, you will now be able to know exactly when your MightyMeals order will arrive! If you are unable to be home you are welcome to leave out a cooler for your order, just make sure it is large enough to fit all of your MightyMeals! 
Thank you for supporting our locally owned, small business! We appreciate you, MightyFam!