MightyMeals is excited to partner with local nonprofit, KEEN, which stands for Kids Enjoy Exercise Now. Founded in 1992, KEEN is based on a simple idea: pair a trained volunteer coach with a young person with disabilities and let them discover what they can accomplish together. Over the last 28 years, KEEN Greater DC-Baltimore has grown from one program in Montgomery County, MD to 37 programs in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia. Current programs include sports, swim, basketball, soccer, music, tae kwon do, tennis, dance, bowling, fitness, yoga and KEEN club.
“I was excited that an organization like KEEN reached out to join forces with MightyMeals. Most of my family are educators and both my father and mother have specifically worked with children with special needs. Having two family members with Down’s syndrome, I know how important it is to support groups like KEEN. It is my hope that what we are doing with KEEN makes a big impact and it is an organization we can work with for years to come,” said MightyMeals co-founder, Dan Graziano. 
Access to healthy food and a healthy lifestyle is at the core of MightyMeals’ mission. KEEN Greater DC-Baltimore provides more than 1,300 program hours each month to over 500 children, teens and young adults with significant developmental and physical disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. For many of these children, the time spent with KEEN is the only opportunity they have to improve their developmental and social skills through physical activity.  It also gives them a place where they are accepted and find a sense of belonging.
MightyMeals is donating a portion of proceeds back to KEEN and building out a partnership that will include nutrition workshops and MightyMeals food donations. “As a partner and communications consultant for MightyMeals, it is so important to me that we give back to our community. My sister has a brain injury, and the activities that she has been able to do, such as horseback riding, has been such an important part of her recovery. What KEEN provides children with special needs and their families is invaluable,” said Tiffany Anzalone McCasland, MightyMeals Partner. 
Learn more about KEEN and how you can support their important program at https://www.keengreaterdc.org/.