Meal Plans for Athletes: Old Glory DC Rugby Team

By Carrie Walco-Bowman | Photos: Old Glory DC

Elite professional athletes, like the DC-based major league rugby team, Old Glory DC, require nutrient-dense, protein-packed meals to help fuel their minds and bodies for peak performance. Their meals must include the right balance of macronutrients (calories, fat, carbs, and proteins) to power them through intense rugby matches, as well as replenish them with vital vitamins and nutrients after matches during recovery. MightyMeals freshly-made, chef-prepared meals provide the valuable nutrients and macro-balanced meals that the athletes of Old Glory DC need.

“The meals provided by MightyMeals are not only a great source of whole foods, but they also give us the contents we need to fuel our professional athletes, not to mention they taste great as well! We are excited to have established this partnership with mighty meals that will impact our performance especially being another local organization,” said Old Glory DC Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Dixon. 


Top 6 Athlete Meals by the Old Glory DC Rubgy Team


Here are a few of the best pre- and post-match, protein-packed meals included in their athletic meal plan.

Bruschetta Chicken
480 Calories, 42G Carbs, 14G Fat, 49G Protein

Salmon Cakes
620 Calories, 48G Carbs, 28G Fat, 43G Protein

Vegan Chipotle Bowl
430 Calories, 55G Carbs, 5G Fat, 35G Protein

Smoked Beef BBQ Bowl
580 Calories, 67G Carbs, 10G Fat, 57G Protein

Tomato and Pesto Penne w/Turkey Meatballs
550 Calories, 47G Carbs, 17G Fat, 43G Protein

Mediterranean Power Bowl
530 Calories, 64G Carbs, 22G Fat, 23G Protein

Meals for Professional Athletes: Find and order meals for athletes on our menu, like what the professional rugby players of Old Glory DC include in their weekly athlete meal plan: including breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal selections.

Learn more about why Old Glory DC chose MightyMeals as their official meal prep company on our blog, MightyMeals is the Official Meal Prep Company of Old Glory DC.