Join MightyMeals at The Battle for the Bullpen!

Get ready to step into the ring for a cause at Warrior’s Corner Presents: The Battle for the Bullpen! Hosted by Warrior’s Corner and Urban Boxing, this event is set to take place on Saturday, May 18th, from 1-8 PM at The Bullpen.

Featuring showcase boxing, live music, food, and drink, this event promises guaranteed good times while supporting service-disabled veterans. Instead of regular tickets, you can make a $50 donation to Warrior’s Corner to join in the action and help veterans through boxing.

MightyMeals is proud to be one of the fight sponsors for the event, and we’ll have a tent with samples of our meals, along with a prize wheel and giveaways! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to make a difference while enjoying an afternoon of entertainment and community support.

The Story Behind Warrior’s Corner by Founder Michael Kappaz:

“At Notre Dame I fell in love with the sport of boxing. Notre Dame has an incredible boxing tournament each year called the Bengal Bouts, in which all the proceeds benefit the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh. During my Junior Year, I trained my ass off and was able to fight through the competition as an underdog and win the entire tournament. I was incredibly proud of my accomplishment, but I was far more moved by the impact that the tournament had on the lives of those less fortunate in Bangladesh. I fell in love with the concept of using a sport as passionate as boxing to make a greater impact in the world.

When I joined the submarine force, I leveraged this same concept to help my sailors who were struggling with the mental anguishes of deployment, the military, and submarine life. I convinced my Captain to hang up some boxing equipment in the engine room, and every day I would train with a small group of sailors.Over time, I noticed that the resilience, strength, and courage instilled by the sport began to manifest in my sailors’ lives. This newfound confidence empowered them to tackle their professional and personal challenges more effectively.

When I moved back to DC in 2022, I wanted to continue to leverage my passion for boxing to make a greater impact in the lives of others. After months of volunteering at Walter Reed National Military Hospital, instructing boxing classes for service-disabled veterans, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own charity, Warrior’s Corner. With Warrior’s Corner, I aim to harness the empowering qualities of boxing and package them into tailored, effective, and implementable programs for veteran centers, hospitals, and military communities. My vision is that these programs will give struggling veterans the confidence and encouragement needed to fight through their own unique battles in life. 

If you’re curious to see what Warrior’s Corner is all about (or if you just want an excuse to enjoy some amateur boxing fights, live music, and a great outdoor venue), feel free to come join in on our first fundraiser event at the Bullpen in Washington DC in the afternoon of Saturday, May 18th!”