Introducing MightyMeals’ New Packaging: Sustainable, Stylish, and Ready to Serve!

In our relentless pursuit of healthier lives and a healthier planet, MightyMeals is excited to introduce our revamped packaging for local deliveries! Our sleek new sleeves, containers, tote bags, and gel packs are not just a visual upgrade; they are a bold step towards sustainability.

New Gel Packs

MightyMeals has revolutionized its gel packs, achieving an impressive 97% reduction in carbon footprint by producing them in-house. One pallet of these gel packs now equals up to 72 pallets of traditional counterparts, significantly reducing waste. Notably, the gel packs are drain-safe, making disposal environmentally responsible.

Why the Change?

Recognizing the environmental impact of our previous plastic packaging, we’ve set forth on a mission to minimize single-use plastic across our packaging and shipping materials. As we expand, so does our commitment to sustainability.

New Sleeves

The introduction of GoGreen Trays, which employ a unique manufacturing process to reduce plastic usage, not only results in a 28% lower carbon footprint but also optimizes transportation and warehousing by reducing cube size. These trays are a testament to MightyMeals’ commitment to eco-conscious practices, as they are 100% recyclable for curbside collection.​

Your Part in This Journey

Join us in reducing waste! Leave your totes and gel packs by your front door on your next delivery, and we’ll collect, sanitize, and reuse them for future deliveries. It’s a small act with substantial environmental benefits.

At MightyMeals, we’re not just delivering meals; we’re delivering a commitment to a healthier you and a healthier planet. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards sustainability!