How to Throw a Homegate Party Like a Pro

By:  Carrie Walco-Bowman

Most football fans would love the chance to attend the big games, throw a tailgate party, eat football stadium food, and cheer their favorite team on while sitting back in a stadium seat. However, new limited seating restrictions and social-distancing guidelines make it harder for fans to party with friends in the parking lot and see the game in person. So, most of us end up watching the game at home or socially-distancing with friends. Also known as a Homegate party, which isn’t all that shabby.
There are many benefits to homegating/tailgating at home. It’s easier to connect to your fantasy football league and trash talk with your friends on social media. The bathrooms are usually clean; you don’t have to worry about the weather; you can rewind the plays and penalties you didn’t catch; and, you get to choose the menu choices and drinks! And make it healthier!
MightyMeals makes it super easy–AND SAFE–for you to throw a healthy homegate party like a pro. All of our appetizers, meals, and bulk food dishes are freshly prepared by our professional chefs, individually wrapped for safety, and delivered right to your door in time for the big game! No more last-minute grocery store runs for party apps!  
Here are a few of our best party food ideas for a football watch party or anytime you get together with friends and family.

Peruvian Chicken Wings

Game Day Chicken Wings
Whether your favorite wing flavor is traditional buffalo chicken or something more exotic, we have it. All of our wings are baked and come pre-cooked and in a special container for easy oven heating (including instructions).
Old Bay Baked Wings
Gochujang Baked Chicken Wings
Peruvian Baked Chicken Wings
Jerk Baked Chicken Wings
Buffalo Baked Chicken Wings
Lemon Pepper Baked Chicken Wings
PARTY FOOD TIP: Get one of each wing flavor and make it a tasting contest. Let us know who the winner is!

Shredded Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo Chicken 6 Ways
If buffalo chicken is your thing, like it is ours, you’re going to love our six healthy buffalo chicken meals and bulk food options! Including three gluten-free buffalo chicken choices! All of our shredded buffalo chicken is slow-cooked and pulled, so you don’t have to do it.
Low Carb Shredded Buffalo Chicken
Zoodles & Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
Buffalo Baked Chicken Wings
Shredded Buffalo Chicken Meal
Shredded Buffalo Chicken – BULK
Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
RECIPE TIPS: Add our Bulk Shredded Buffalo Chicken to pizza toppings or use it to add healthy protein to a salad, party sub, dip, or sandwich wrap. We have to thank our #MightyFam for these great ideas!

Smoked Beef BBQ Bowl

BBQ for The Big Game
Our beef barbeque is hand-pulled just like our shredded buffalo chicken. We smoke our BBQ beef for ten hours to win the game, resulting in the most tender and moist pulled beef around. 
Pulled Beef BBQ
Smoked Beef BBQ Bowl
Shredded Beef BBQ
RECIPE IDEAS: Save yourself ten-hours of smoking and order our Shredded Beef BBQ to make-your-own barbeque sandwiches, or create a fun BBQ version of a shredded french dip sandwich. You can try it in almost any dip that requires beef: seven-layer taco dip, chipped beef dip, or beef queso dip.

Low Carb Korean Burger

We have a burger for just about everyone, a Low Carb Korean Burger, a vegetarian Beyond Burger®, and a Bacon Cheddar Burger. The only thing missing? Most of the saturated and trans fats found in typical hamburgers. Our beef burgers are all made from 100% lean grass-fed beef, with less fat and more nutrition.
Low Carb Korean Burger
Beyond Burger®
Bacon Cheddar Burger
TIP: Use our easy menu filter located on the menu page to sort our freshly made meals and bulk food by meal type, protein type, and diet type, including vegetarian, low carb, under 500 calories, and gluten-free food and meals.
Whether you are planning an event, a small gathering, or your next football championship watch party, we’re always here to help you. Save time and relax with with our healthy bulk food ingredients or individual meals prepped just for you and your guests. Don’t forget to save these ideas for your next party and let us know how MightyMeals made your football fans happy by following us on Facebook and Instagram.