How Do Different Exercises Impact Your Body Composition?

By: EMP 180°

My name is Kim, a certified personal trainer and health coach at EMP 180° Weight Loss. I am passionate about nutrition and education and understand firsthand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
When a client comes to me and says they work out a lot, I generally find they are active anywhere between 2-5 hours per week. However, the majority of our clients are leading sedentary lifestyles. For this reason, I am grateful for In-Body’s research on exercise and the impact on body composition.  The article linked below provides research-based evidence that exercise has a direct impact on an individual’s health and body composition.
Both aerobic and resistance training assist in reduction in fat mass and increases in lean (fat free) mass. InBody’s research team identifies studies that show body composition improvements in adolescents as well as adults and the elderly when exercise is introduced.
As the obesity epidemic continues to rise, “a well-rounded exercise routine that touches on all types of fitness” is critical (InBody USA, 2019). Furthermore, combining proper nutrition with exercise will promote body composition changes. Proper nutrition accounts for approximately 80% of a person’s health and exercise accounts for about 20%. Therefore, a person can’t “exercise” their way out of a bad diet. On the flip side, humans were made for movement, not for cubicles. Ultimately, improving body composition is what makes daily activities and overall quality of life possible.
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