Do Nutrition and Weight Loss Challenges Work?

By: Christa Aiken Meyers (a.k.a. DC Fit Chick)

There is a significant amount of evidence that shows that Nutrition and Weight Loss “Challenges” are beneficial to help promote and maintain healthy habits for numerous reasons. 
Nutrition and Weight Loss Challenges Help Set Clear Goals
The first reason, and the main reason I like to do specific time length challenges is because they are clear goals with a start and a finish.  21 days is a perfect timeline, it’s relatively short (not even a full month!), but it’s long enough to see and feel change.
Challenge Benefits: Accountability and Support
Second, there’s accountability and support.  By telling other people, like friends and family, there is more of a commitment to stick to the challenge if other people know about it.  If you keep it to yourself, you can cheat or skip a day, because no one will know the wiser! But when you have something to hold yourself accountable for, then there is no room for slip ups.
Challenges Help You Commit to Healthy Goals
Third, forcing yourself to commit to a challenge forces you to be mindful of your actions.  It’s so easy to mindlessly overeat. I could eat all the chips and salsa and not even notice the bag that started out full is now empty. With a challenge, like Whole30 or the Carnivore Diet, I have to look at the ingredients and think, “Is this something that I can eat during this challenge?” If something has canola oil, or sugar, and I’m still hungry, I just find something else to eat. It’s all about making a commitment to find an alternative for a food that may not be the best option for me. We have to make changes to see results! 
Why not give it a try?
Weight Loss and Nutrition Challenges in the DMV
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