Athlete Meal Plans for Peak Athletic Performance

By: Carrie Walco-Bowman

Have you ever noticed how elite professional athletes always seem to have more energy and an edge over the competition? (And really, how does Tom Brady do it!?)
As with many things in life, the answer often comes down to this–input equals output. For athletes (and anyone involved in physical activity), this means that they need to consume high-quality meals to get the most energy possible to power through the physical demands of training, sports, fitness, and competition.
Here’s what to search for when looking for the best athletic meals and meal plans for athletes:
Foods and meals lose their nutritional value as time goes by, or if they are frozen. So, to get the most nutrition out of your performance meals, make sure they are the freshest they can be. That’s why all our MightyMeals are never frozen and prepared from the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients when you place your order.
Macronutrients (like carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calories) are the nutrients that provide energy to our bodies. Macros are even more important for athletes since they need to follow the right macronutrient balance for their specific sport or training program. MightyMeals makes finding meals based on macronutrients easy with the macro filter on our menu. 
Another sign of an excellent athletic meal plan service is having a nutritional coaching program and a community of fitness and nutrition experts backing them. Athlete meal prep can be confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming–you may need help. That’s why we created MightyFIT–a team of experts offering nutritional coaching and other meal planning support services (including a FREE Meal Planning Session).
And of course, the best way to judge athlete meal delivery services is if they have meal plans for athletes that athletes have tested. Our meals are tested and trusted by professional sports teams, sports nutrition experts, fitness experts, holistic health coaches, strength & conditioning coaches, personal trainers, gym owners, and more!
Give one of their MightyMeals Athlete Meal Plans a try to boost your performance!

DC United Day of Meals

Select your day of meals from what the athletes at the DC United MLS Soccer Club love to eat.

Jake’s Weekly Menu

Jake Sankal is the Director of Sports Nutrition & Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Washington Football Team.

Natalie’s Weekly Menu

Natalie Strahorn is a small business owner, the owner of The MVMNT Society (a fitness studio in DC), and a busy mom of two.

Chase’s 1 Week Summer Shred Plan

Chase McKesey is a personal trainer, strength coach, and founder/owner of TrophyBody PT in Washington, DC.

Virginia’s Summer Flex Plan

Virginia Kinkel is a longtime bodybuilding competitor/champion and the owner of BodyMass Gym in Arlington, VA and Washington, DC.

Erica’s Plant-Powered Plan

Erica Jade (a former NFL Washington Football Team Cheerleader) is a personal trainer, holistic health coach, transformation coach in the DMV area.