Meet Our MightyFam: Angela, Asst. Gen. Manager

By Carrie Walco-Bowman

Meet Angela DeNovio, Assistant General Manager at MightyMeals. Angela is a Long Island, NY native and has a passion for health and wellness. She is currently finishing up her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing at George Mason University while adjusting to life as a new mom!  Angela is most passionate about teaching others and watching them prosper. 
Read on to learn more about her story and her amazing fitness and weight loss transformation after having her first baby.  
How did you get to where you are in your career?
Before I pursued a career in health and wellness, I was a retail director in New York City. I then realized my passion for health and wellness. So, I decided to make a career switch. I started as a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and furthered my love for fitness by managing boutique fitness studios. Then, I started at MightyMeals as the events coordinator and have worked my way up to assistant general manager.
What are your top 3 accomplishments in your career/professional life?

  1. Being a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.
  2. Finishing college while juggling a baby.
  3. Creating retail lines for new gyms.

 What are you most passionate about—both professionally and personally?
Health and wellness have been a passion of mine since 2015. Going to the gym has always been a great source of fuel for me. From a professional perspective, I am most passionate about teaching others. Training has always been a big part of my career. I truly enjoy teaching others and watching them prosper.

Tell us about your amazing transformation and how you were able to lose weight and get in shape after having your baby?  
In April 2021, I had my daughter Valentina. During my pregnancy I gained 62 lbs. This really bummed me because, as a former NASM CPT and an assistant studio. It was hard for me to find the time. 
Gaining weight during my pregnancy was something that I knew was inevitable, but I still had a tough time with it. When my daughter was born, I found myself in a really tough space mentally. I wanted more time to work out and focus on my health but, with a new baby and home to care for, I found it nearly impossible. Four months after I had my daughter, it was time to take back my mind and body. With the help of MightyMeals and support from my fianceé, I was able to get time back in my day. This allowed me to focus more on my health and wellness.
Learning a healthy balance between being a mom and caring for myself was a BIG transition. By tracking my macros and eating MightyMeals I was able to drop 65 lbs. in 8 months! I am now in better physical and mental shape than I have ever been! Now, cooking is the one part of my day I never need to worry about AND my daughter LOVES MightyMeals too! 
What is the most important thing you want people to know about MightyMeals?
My favorite part about being part of the MightyMeals team is getting to share how much the company has changed my life for the better. 
What is your favorite MightyMeals dish? 
My favorite MightyMeals meal is hands down the Shredded Buffalo Chicken. One of my favorite things to do is make a dip out of it. There is something about the way the mango and the buffalo combine. It literally never disappoints.Connect with Angela on Instagram! @Littleitalylifts