A Guide for Sustainable Fat Loss by Permanent Change Coaching x MightyMeals

Hey there, I’m Marissa Roy, the proud owner of Permanent Change Coaching. 

We’ve successfully guided thousands of busy professional women on their journey to ditch diets, lose 30-50 pounds permanently, and build lifelong healthy habits.

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a game-changing approach using MightyMeals to target fat loss and tone up in 2024.

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A Little About Me:

I’m a DMV native, having spent my formative years at James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia.

A year and a half ago, my husband and I made the move to North Carolina. 

Before the move, my business, PCC gained momentum in 2021, I discovered how much I could benefit while scaling a business to have the convenience and variety in meal prep you get when you order MightyMeals.

Today, I will help you maximize the potential of MightyMeals for your specific fitness and health goals.

The Common Struggle:

Many of us, despite ordering MightyMeals regularly, might find ourselves stuck in a cycle of restrictive eating in an attempt to lose body fat and/or tone up.

It’s easy to fall into the old trap of trying to burn as many calories as possible, but it’s time to shift our mindset and work smarter, not harder.

You might find yourself believing these unproductive narratives (because it’s all you’ve been taught):

  • More is Better: Most of us will err toward trying to do more workouts, burn more calories, rather than working smarter > harder. Instead, shift your focus from burning endless calories to smarter, tailored training, such as weight lifting, which builds muscle and boosts metabolism.
  • Eating Less: Most women will err toward restricting food as much as possible in an attempt to lose fat and tone up when it’s truly not the best approach, and restricting too much can lead to the opposite effect (overeating). MightyMeals are balanced with a healthy amount of calories for a balanced meal, and all include complex carbs, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Embrace these options for sustained energy and successful fat loss.
  • Just Eating Healthier: With a lack of specific knowledge for your fat loss goals, we often just start labeling foods as “healthy” and “unhealthy” and try to avoid food groups. But then we get frustrated when we are eating healthy and not seeing results. Remember that making progress requires more than just eating healthy foods, it may get you to a certain point but to break through plateaus, a methodical, measured approach is required.

The key is not to do more, more, more, and exhaust ourselves but to adopt a flexible yet targeted approach.

How to Use MightyMeals for Flexible, Targeted Results:

Step 1: Understand Energy Balance

Energy balance is the balance of calories in vs. calories out. It’s a bit more complex than the instagram gurus want you to think, and it’s usually much MORE food than you think you need (hint: 1200 calories is NOT enough for a full grown adult!).

Calculate your daily calorie needs using the activity level multipliers provided in the video, and adjust based on your goals. Aim for a flexible deficit, allowing a range within your calorie goal.

Determine your protein goal (0.8 to 1 times your target body weight) to support muscle growth.

Remember, consistency is key, aiming for 80% adherence to your plan.

Step 2: Focus on the Six Big Rocks

If you were to try and move a mountain, would you focus on moving pebbles, or pushing big rocks?

Of course your answer is the big rocks. Fat loss works the same way. Don’t focus on tiny details like supplementation, meal timing intricacies, or optimizing specific foods or cooking methods. Focus on the main things that get you the most bang for your buck.

Here are the 6 big rocks of fat loss to concentrate on:

  • Calorie deficit
  • Daily movement (at least 6000 steps)
  • Strength training (2-4 times per week)
  • Adequate sleep (7-9 hours per night)
  • Hydration (drink half your body weight in ounces)
  • Stress management (because doing this allows you to be consistent with everything else above)

Step 3: Track Progress Appropriately

Daily weigh-ins, weekly progress photos, and body circumference measurements are essential to look at progress beyond just a weekly weigh in.

Some weeks, your average weight won’t change, but pictures and measurements will. Other weeks, the opposite will happen. Your body is dynamic, and just taking one weigh-in per week won’t cut it.

Use the tracker template [linked here] to calculate your weekly averages and focus on trends over time rather than daily fluctuations.

Bonus: MightyMeals Favorites

If you’re curious about some of my favorite MightyMeals picks for fat loss & toning up, I personally love:

  • Salmon A La Vodka
  • Ropa Vieja
  • Turkey BLT Wrap
  • Smoked Beef BBQ Bowl
  • Sweet Chili Chicken Soba

Conclusion: Your Path to Success

To further support your journey, grab our “Work from Home Women’s Fat Loss Method” guide. This comprehensive resource will provide additional insights and strategies tailored to your goals as discussed in the video.

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Remember, it’s about consistency, not perfection.

Embrace the journey, and let’s make 2024 your year of lasting transformation!