7 Healthy Habits to Prevent the Flu

By: Elaina Enjetti

The CDC reported that approximately 12 million people have contracted the flu and 12,000 deaths have occurred this flu season.  We all know that getting your flu shot is one precautionary measure you can take but that is still no guarantee. Washing your hands, disinfecting surfaces and covering your mouth when you cough are all good practices but what it really comes down to is how strong your immune system is from fighting off infections and viruses.  Did you know that our immune system is built in the gut? Yup! Your gut is responsible for numerous other things like sleep, mood, hormone function… It’s imperative that we give the body the most optimal environment to thrive. 
Here are some things to consider when trying to develop a bulletproof immune system:

  1. REDUCE STRESS: The grind never stops for us here in the District.  We’re constantly attached to our phones/laptops, swimming in deadlines and the mental stress creates inflammation in the body which then turns into a war zone for our gut.  Stress comes in all different forms including over exercising, dehydration, mental stress, emotional stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep. That’s where MightyMeals comes in! MightyMeals takes the guesswork out of your nutrition and gives you time back!  When I use MightyMeals for my meal prep, I save so many hours that I’m able to focus on other things on my to do list!
  2. SLEEP: Recovery is extremely important when it comes to combating mental/physical fatigue.  You should aim to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep. Melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for helping you fall asleep, is produced in the gut.  So, if you’re having a hard time with sleeping, you may want to evaluate your food choices.
  3. Caribbean Jerk Salmon

    EAT A HEALTHY DIET: Giving your body and digestive system quality dense foods is the best way to help your immune system.  Things like fruits and vegetables, good sources of fat that are high in Omega-3, and quality protein will help deliver the most optimal nutrients to fuel the bacteria that live in our gut.  MightyMeals has multiple salmon dishes on their menu that are high in Omega-3. Add the Caribbean Jerk Salmon, Salmon Cakes, Salmon Zoodle Puttanesca and the À La Carte Salmon to your next MightyMeals order! In fact, any of the 100+ menu items are great additions to your diet!

  4. EAT FERMENTED FOODS: Probiotics are super trendy these days.  BUYER BEWARE! Do your research on products that label probiotics.  Best thing to do is eat your probiotics! Kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, komubchas… These are better than the probiotics that’s in your sugar laden oatmeals.  Tip: MightyMeals’ dressings and dips are yogurt based!
  5. WATER: The nectar of life! With all that good food and fiber you are eating, you MUST make sure your body has enough water to digest and process.  The majority of us walk around like shriveled up prunes and don’t even know it. Rule of thumb is to get at least half your body weight in ounces and an additional 15-20 per hour of exercise.  Water is essential for all bodily functions and can affect all of the above so drink up! 
  6. Steamed Broccolini

    FIBER: This is plant food to our gut microbiome (microorganisms that live in your digestive system to protect and fight the nasty critters). Fiber is not only great for keeping you satiated, but it creates a stable environment for good bacteria to grow.  It helps control blood sugar and keeps your bathroom visits regular. 🙂 All of the veggies on the MightyMeals menu are high in fiber. The À La Carte Broccolini and any of the dishes with brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes are great for adding more fiber to your meal plan!

  7. LIMIT REFINED SUGAR: The sugar from your fruits/veggies are not the same as the sugar in your candy bar.  There is yeast that is present in your gut and the more sugar you feed it, the more bad bacteria can grow.  You must tame the beast by eating less sugar and more natural food! If you have sugar cravings, this could be a sign that you might have an imbalance of good to bad bacteria. 

Start incorporating these practices to help you stay healthy and strong.  What I like about MightyMeals is they combine all macro friendly options that hit each category (Carbs/Fiber, quality Protein, fresh veggies and healthy fats).  Make sure to switch it up to give your gut a healthy dose of different nutrients. Don’t forget to order from their À La Carte menu to fill in those gaps! 😊
About Elaina Enjetti:
Elaina Enjetti has been a Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach in the Washington, DC area for the last 12 years.  She has dedicated herself to helping others find a more holistic approach to wellness through healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Her philosophy around health includes: stress management techniques, mindset therapy, and women’s hormone health with a focus on gut health.  She has helped many people find a practical and sustainable way to live and thrive in our busy world. Her vast experience working with many individuals with different ailments has gained her a reputation among her peers.  Follow her on Instagram to learn more about her work: @elainaenjetti.nutrition.
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